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Viticulture detail and Winemaking notes

museum vintages

only a few museum bottles available, please contact us about vintages 2012 - 2015


Climate conditions precluded a bountiful harvest in 2024. We decided to forgo the fruit and let the vines rest. We're looking forward to a reinvigorated 2025!

Recorded climate conditions are an interesting backdrop to how the vines grow, but we’re inspired by the Kulin Calendar seasons: the sights, sounds, natural senses which come and go when they do; as they should.

Biderapp - January - Summer
Kangaroo Apple December

In the hot, usually dry weather, the grapes start to ripen. Gradually, but can happen quite quickly, sometimes only days, depending on the weather. Recently there has been a lot of rain! The Bowat (tussock-grass) is long. Female Common Brown butterflies are flying, but our biggest concern flying about is looking out for wasps, who are also waiting for the grapes to ripen.

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